Terms and Conditions

Please write us to confirm the herbal name in case it’s confusing or you can not find the product on our website.
Since herbal products have various names in different languages, we only provide the Pinyin and Latin name of them on our website. Therefore, it could be that the product you are looking for doesn’t match the name on our website, even though it might be the same herb/product.

2. Payment

We accept payment by Paypal.
With Paypal you can pay by credit card or any of the following methods.

3. Shipment:

3.1 Shipping address:
Due to the banking and shipping policy, we can only ship to your billing address as stated in your Paypal account. If you want us to ship to an address different from your current billing address, please log-in to PayPal and change the billing address before ordering.

3.2 Shipping days

After we receive your Paypal payment, the product will be shipped within 2 working days. The shipment takes 5 to 11 days by air-mail. The shipping tracking number will be provided for online tracking. Online tracking is documented until it reaches the country of destination. After that, continued delivery time is determined by the internal postal system of your country. Because your order will be shipped as a registered package, someone will need to sign for it. If you are likely to be at work or away, please leave word with your postman when to return or with which neighbor to leave the package.

3.3 Shipping delay

KuthMall is not responsible for the following situations:
Delay due to national holidays/bank holidays, (i.e., Christmas, New Year’s Eve.)
Delay due to bad weather or special political issues, strike, terrorist attack.
Delay due to examination of the local customs.

4. Return

Conditions on product return:
The product(s) should be returned within 7 days after buyer’s receipt of package (i.e., the signature of receipt date of registered package). The returned product should be sent unopened, in the original package and shipped registered air-mail. The shipping fee to return products is carried by the buyer. The refund will be processed after we receive the returned products. The return package registration number and scans of postage receipts should be provided for online tracking.

5. Local customs

KuthMall provides qualified TCM herbal products – these are not pharmaceutical medications.
However, please be aware that each country has its own different local and/or national policies on such products; we are not responsible for the confiscation from the local customs if the products can not be delivered in your country. We only refund the fee when the products are returned and the shipping fee is covered by the buyer.