SC Processing & QC

  • Strict Raw Material Selection Process

    The quality of Chinese medicine originates from the quality of the raw material. Therefore, Sheng chang has cooperated with some professional teams in China to purchase authentic raw materials.

    Stringent inspection process is controlled by experienced professionals in laboratory to examine and qualify all raw materials in terms of TLC identification, HPLC quantitative analysis, microbial examination, heavy metal, pesticide remains and plasticizer inspection and aflatoxin test.

    In order to keep the raw materials and remain their characters, over 18,000 square feet of warehouse space in the plant is used to maintain the stability of the materials.

    Advanced Processing of Herbal Medicine


    Derived from ancient knowledge, qualified materials are processed based on ancient techniques and are completed with modernized equipment to enhance the safety and efficacy of the Chinese medicine. The processed materials are preserved in environmentally controlled storage facility to maintain the characteristics and quality of in-process materials.

    State-of-the-art Manufacturing Facility


    Advanced extraction and concentration equipment from Germany effectively extract medicinal active ingredients and processed into final product through turbine oven and flow coater. Sheng Chang has also applied modern technology of the liquid nitrogen freezing process from Germany to grind herbs with high viscosity and oil to maintain its natural characteristics.

    Excellent Innovative R&D Center

    Our R&D center is comprised of more than 50 professionals and experts in Chinese medicine Field, combining with the advanced manufacturing technology and has continuously won the Prize of National Medical Technology Research and Development for three years.

    Sheng Chang strives to invent new products through months of testing prior to mass Production. This enables Sheng Chang to prolong the traditional lifeline of Chinese Medicine and vigorously improve the wellbeing of all humanity.

    Fully Automatic Packaging and Distribution Facility

    After semi-finish products pass series of stringent tests, products are automatically packaged through bottle cleaning, filling, weighing, sterilized sealing and packaging that all complies with the GMP standards for Chinese medicine.

    Samples are taken from each production lot and preserved for one year after the expired date. Moreover, all products from Sheng Chang Pharmaceutical Company is protected by “Global Product Liability Insurance” so that the end users are protected from every dimension.