Our manufacturing process and facilities meet the standards set by USDA NOP ruling. Biotanico custom manufactures 100{d382666222b3cff0b1122f689bebcc8d35b41f83934c69a0d9586603ddee8f2f} USDA Organic herbal products based on special requests.

ukasISO 9001

ISO 9001 serves as a standard model in quality management, standardizing and rationalizing all aspects of the manufacturing operations to allow the advancement of efficiency.


Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) ensures the quality of products manufactured conform to the pharmaceutical grade standard established by the local regulatory authorities in Taiwan.

tafISO 17025

ISO 17025 certification ensures that the laboratory techniques are maintained above a specified quality level. It acts as the best assurance to the capability of our laboratories recognized worldwide.


NSF International is the only certification body that has worked in conjuncture with ISO to set the ISO standard that meets the requirements in FDA’s Dietary Supplement cGMP CFR111. NSF is one of the most recognized certifying organizations in the U.S..

PICPIC/S GMP (Australia – TGA)

PIC/S is the world’s most recognized, comprehensive, and accepted GMP standard. Our compliance with PIC/S GMP standard ensures that the quality and safety systems in our manufacturing facilities meet the most up-to-date standards and methods, thereby giving our company the ability to provide our customers and end users peace of mind with uncompromised service and products.

kosherKosher Certification*

Food Products with Kosher Certification signify their conformity to the regulations of Jewish dietary laws, which means they’re considered fit and clean for consumption. All equipment and materials used throughout our manufacturing process must conform to Kosher regulations.


Islam has set a clear rule on what foods are considered consumable. Any food that is compliant to Islamic law, which focuses on the sanitation and the process by which it is prepared, is considered HALAL. Our sources of raw material, as well as our manufacturing equipment, are in compliance to the HALAL certification.