traumatic Retention of urine

Clinical observation on the acupuncture treatment in patients with urinary retention after radical hysterectomy.

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Combination of acupuncture: modalities was better than acupoint injection for the recovery of bladder function in urinary retention after radical hysterectomy. It would shorten the course of treatment and get a better recovery, decrease urinary retention cases of refractoriness, and extending the treatment could raise the healing rate of urinary retention.

Effects of electroacupuncture of “Weizhong” (BL 40), “Sanyinjiao” (SP 6) and “Yinlingquan” (SP 9) on intravesical pressure and bladder adenosine triphosphate content in rabbits with acute urinary retention


EA of BL 40, SP 6 and SP 9 can significantly raise intravesical pressure and bladder ATP content in urine retention rabbits, which may contribute to its effect in improving urinary retention.