Pain in thromboangiitis obliterans

Experimental study on effects of mailuotong granule on anti-thromboangiitis obliterans


Using experimental model of thromboangitis obliterans (TAO) in rats induced by injection of lauric acid into the femoral artery, the anti-thromboangitis obliterans effects of Mailuotong (MLT) Granule were observed. The results showed that MLT not only decreased significantly the lesion severity and extent of affected limb, plasma viscosity and level of fibrinogen, but also suppressed the arterial thrombosis, endotheliocytosis and inflammatory cell infiltration in vascular wall. MLT also reduced the organization of thrombus and facilitated thrombolysis. It showed that the therapeutic effect of MLT on TAO might be achieved by improving blood rheology, antithrombosis, thrombolysis, inhibiting endotheliocytosis and inflammatory reaction in vascular wall.