Acupuncture as a Treatment Modality in Dermatology: A Systematic Review.

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Acupuncture improves outcome measures in the treatment of dermatitis, chloasma, pruritus, urticaria, hyperhidrosis, and facial elasticity. Future studies should ideally be double-blinded and standardize the control intervention.

Treatment of the localized neurodermatitis by plum-blossom needle tapping and with the modified yangxue dingfeng tang–a clinical observation of 47 cases.

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141 cases of the localized neurodermatitis were randomly divided into 3 groups. Forty-seven patients in the treatment group received local tapping and oral medication of the modified yangxue dingfeng tang which consisted of sheng di huang ([Chinese characters: see text] Radix Rehmanniae), dang gui ([Chinese characters: see text] Radix Angelicae Sinensis), chi shao ([Chinese characters: see text] Radix Paeoniae Rubra), tian dong ([Chinese characters: see text] Radix Asparagi), mai dong ([Chinese characters: see text] Radix Ophiopogonis), jiang can ([Chinese characters: see text] Bombyx Batryticatus), mu dan pi ([Chinese characters: see text] Cortex Moutan), chuan xiong ([Chinese characters: see text] Rhizoma Chuanxiong), he shou wu ([Chinese characters: see text] Radix Polygoni Multiflori), and quan xie ([Chinese characters: see text] Scorpio). Forty-seven patients in the control group I were simply given the modified yangxue dingfeng tang; and 47 patients in the control group II were treated with oral benadryl and Vitamin C plus local external application of 10{d382666222b3cff0b1122f689bebcc8d35b41f83934c69a0d9586603ddee8f2f} urea ointment. The treatment course for all the 3 groups lasted 30 days.


The short-term and long-term effects for the treatment group were much better than those of the 2 control groups (P < 0.05).


The plum-blossom needle tapping plus the modified yangxue dingfeng tang exhibits a better and stable effect for the localized neurodermatitis.