Facial spasm

Clinical observation on acupuncture plus laser radiation for treatment of facial spasm.



To search for a convenient, safe and effective method for treatment of facial spasm.


Three hundred and ninety cases of facial spasm were divided into 2 groups in order of visiting: medication group of 200 cases were treated with routine medicine, and acupuncture and laser treatment group of 190 cases treated with acupuncture plus laser radiation. After treatment of 30 days, their therapeutic effects were summarized.


The total effective rate, the cured rate and the 6-month recurrence rate were 93.7{d382666222b3cff0b1122f689bebcc8d35b41f83934c69a0d9586603ddee8f2f}, 64.7{d382666222b3cff0b1122f689bebcc8d35b41f83934c69a0d9586603ddee8f2f}, 6.7{d382666222b3cff0b1122f689bebcc8d35b41f83934c69a0d9586603ddee8f2f} in the acupuncture and laser treatment group, and the corresponding figures were 62.0{d382666222b3cff0b1122f689bebcc8d35b41f83934c69a0d9586603ddee8f2f}, 32.0{d382666222b3cff0b1122f689bebcc8d35b41f83934c69a0d9586603ddee8f2f} and 33.9{d382666222b3cff0b1122f689bebcc8d35b41f83934c69a0d9586603ddee8f2f} in the medication group respectively, with a very significant difference between the two groups in the therapeutic effect (P < 0.01).


Acupuncture plus laser radiation is a convenient and safe method for treatment of facial spasm.